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There is no doubt that your children are going to be delighted to have a pool in their own home. But you must make sure that the pool is firm and solid to avoid problems, like those made from fibreglass, a material that offers many benefits when it comes to increasing the safety of pools for children.

Safe and economical children’s pools.

Fibreglass pools deliver unbeatable stability and protection. They are designed so that the whole family can make the most of the space, without unnecessary risks when it comes to bathing, children’s games or swimming for exercise.

There is no comparison between fibreglass pools and dangerous inflatable or folding pools, which break very easily, causing unwanted accidents and many extra costs.

At Freedompools we know how to increase the safety of pools for children.

Our pools incorporate different elements so that all kinds of activities that take place in and around the pool are safe, especially for children and pets, all year round.

Non-slip surfaces.

All the areas of FreedomPools children’s pools that can be walked on are made of non-slip materials.

Both the border edge of the shell,  the steps and the inner seats inside some of our models are very safe. The non-slip material with which they are covered ensures that you can rest assured that your children can have fun without slipping.

Anti-fall floors and paving.

Another decisive factor in increasing the safety of children’s pools is the choice of paving that surrounds the pool.

Sometimes, splashes from children’s games overflow the edge of the pool, causing puddles and very hazardous slippery areas. When choosing the paving, you should take into account which materials are ideal for increasing child pool safety. Wood, tiles, paving stones… choose what you like best but bear in mind that the floor and paving should be anti-fall, non-slip and resistant to changes in temperature, wear and tear etc.

Children’s pools protected all year round.

When there are children in the home, it is very important to ensure that the pool is properly closed down once the summer season is over. You can choose between emptying the pool or leaving the water in for the rest of the year. In either case, you should make sure that your children and pets are protected from unwanted falls or other types of accidents that occur when the pool is not in use.

How to increase the safety of children’s pools during the winter.

Child pool protectors protect the water and the surface of the pool shell from external agents such as rain, hail, debris carried by the wind… There are different types of rigid or flexible covers that will help you protect your children and pets, while keeping the water in the healthiest condition possible.

To increase the safety of a children’s pool, we recommend our fibreglass pool models with autocover.

It does not matter if you have emptied the water from your pool or whether you want to keep it until the following year. With an autocover pool, the water will be protected from external agents and your children and pets will be safe all year round.

Freedompools autocover pools guarantee the safety and care of your pool.

Autocover pools incorporate the closing system inside a folding cover located at one end of the pool shell.

This space is integrated into the shell of the pool itself during the manufacturing process. Its carefully studied design hides the autocover under a laminated cover that matches the rest of the pool so you will also not have to worry about where to store it.

The autocover closing system works like a roller blind drawer. When folded, it cannot be seen as it is stored inside the drawer incorporated into the pool shell, with no cracks or protrusions.  This helps to increase the safety of children’s pools.

It is opened using a remote control that starts the motor. The slatted cover opens automatically and covers the entire pool shell, ensuring the safety of anyone venturing into the garden.

Further benefits of autocover pools.

  • With this system, the maintenance of your pool will be simpler and more economical due to a reduction in filtration and water purification processing during the season when the pool is not in use.
  • You will also save on your electricity consumption and on the chemical products required to maintain your pool.
  • It prevents the formation of algae, external dirt, leaves from the trees in your garden…

Our measures for increasing the safety of children’s pools come as standard. Autocover closures do not require any extra installation. This protection system forms part of the shell of your pool and does not require any extra installation and can be installed in a record time of 3 days.