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Freedom Pools Europe Fibre pool

Nearly 50 years manufacturing and shipping fibreglass pools to our distributors in Europe, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. Pools awarded with the most prestigious prizes in the sector.

Freedom Pools pools are AENOR ISO 9001 certified and certified by AIMPLAS (ENAC accredited company) in terms of resistance and durability.


Our mission is to train and support pool technicians and installers so that all our distributors offer a complete quality service.

The vision of Freedom Pools is to establish ourselves as the leading manufacturer of fibreglass pools in Europe, increasing our network of distributors and investing in resources and improvements that will continue to guarantee our already proven and certified quality of pools.

Aimplas, company accredited by ENAC.

AIMPLAS, a company accredited by ENAC according to accreditation No. 56/LE156 certifies that our pools comply with the aforementioned standards according to the tests carried out during 2022 in relation to our patented Marble Tech™ system.


*A.- Chemical resistance – une 53955:2002.

B.- Determination of gloss before and after the chemical resistance test – une-en iso 2813:2015.

*C.- Water resistance – UNES 53955:2002.

D.- Determination of gloss before and after the water resistance test- UNE-EN ISO 2813:2015.


Why choose us?

Those who already enjoy one of our pools are well aware of its advantages, among which are durability and versatility when it comes to finishes, as much or more than a swimming pool, but without costly and endless building work.

Totally watertight and safe
Walkable areas (bottom, steps and kerb) with anti-slip treatment.
35 years structural guarantee
Epoxy-based vinyl ester resin, waterproof and waterproof. Increased protection
Marble Tech Top Coat protects against chemicals and UV rays (patented).
Marble Tech™Eco pure™ prevents algae growth
Marble Tech™Eco pure™ reduces common bacteria by 99%*.
Easy cleaning thanks to rounded corners
Easy installation, transport and cleaning
Resistant to drastic temperature changes and seismic movements.
Indoor and outdoor models.
Closed beam construction allows for an integrated kerb in the vessel
Excellent after-sales service
Dealer support, training and troubleshooting
Worldwide distribution

* In conjunction with proper water maintenance.

Characteristics of our pools

All our fibreglass pools are finished with Marble Tech™, a revolutionary technology PATENTED by Freedom Pools that has been an unprecedented breakthrough in the industry. Discover it here.

Vinylester resins were developed to combine the advantages of epoxy resins with improved handling and faster curing. they offer mechanical toughness and excellent corrosion resistance. These improved properties are obtained without the somewhat more complex processing and handling, or the special fabrication methods in typical epoxy resin shops.

Epoxy resins are primarily used to manufacture high performance composites with superior mechanical properties, specific resistance to certain liquids and corrosive environments, superior electrical properties, good performance at elevated temperatures, good interlaminar adhesion, or a combination of these benefits.

Source: Gazechim

Protection Technology

Pool Armour’s protection technology is a combination of 3 elements: Marble Tech, Trans Tech and Flo Tech. By combining these 3 technologies, the best possible pool quality is achieved and a 35 year structural guarantee is offered. Pool Armour is unique to Freedom. Go to Pool Armour.

The fibreglass pools manufactured by Freedom Pools, unlike other pools, are composed of 4 layers: Top coat, epoxy based vinylester resin, 2 structural layers of fibreglass, protective white resin layer.

Our History

In 2009, after a long career in the manufacture of polyester parts reinforced with fibreglass, we understood that it was time to take a step forward and enter the world of fibreglass reinforced plastic parts.

It was a risky bet but we trusted the whole team and we quickly reconverted our local sales network into a work team dedicated to exports, and our presence was increasing thanks to our participation in different trade fairs in the sector.

Of course, our association with Freedom Pools Australia in 2010 (the brand’s parent company) has enabled us to maintain unparalleled levels of quality. Our continuous training and the belief that we should only offer a top of the range product within the sector, have led us to where we are today.

2022 marks the beginning of a new stage in the history of our swimming pool brand. The new facilities and their technology as well as the different quality certificates place us as a leading company in the manufacturing and exporting of fibreglass pools in Europe.


The Beginning







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