piscina curva tropicana spa



  • Depth: 1.40m. (Approximate Measurements)
  • Dimensions: 3.45 m. x 3.45m. (Approximate Measurements)
  • Exterior protective paint in white laminate.
  • Crown of 13 cm integrated in the glass.
  • Optional: Blower Kit, Countercurrent swimming, Kit 8 jets, Kit 4 jets, Air
  • Conditioning and Net & Clean.


  • Swimming pool tumbler .with decorative coating in high quality ISONPG Cray Valley gel coat applied with exclusive Marble Tech® technology standard colours.
  • Chemical protection barrier of vynilester resin.
  • Structural layer of ortho ophthalic resin and type E fibreglass glass fibre E-type structural layer.
  • Perimeter and side reinforcements integrated into the glass.
  • External protective paintwork of white laminate.
  • Non-slip floor and steps.
  • Integrated non-slip, 15 cm wide, non-slip crown 15cm. wide, suitable for artificial stone or other types of cladding. other type of cladding, with the possibility of choosing the crown in a different colour to the rest of the
    reducing costs and time.
  • Optional accessories: Counter-current swimming, blower kit, 8 jets kit, heat pump pre-installation.
Cube Pool
Cube Pool

The mini rectangular pool cube model is the new proposal from our fibre swimming pool factory. A pool of small dimensions but with all the possible options to enjoy a pool at home.