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piscina curva tropicana spa

Rectangular Lap Pool


  • Depth: 1.40m. (Approximate Measurements)
  • Dimensions: 11.45m. x 3.20m. (Approximate Measurements)
  • Exterior protective paint in white laminate.
  • Integrated crown of 24 cm integrated in the pool.
  • Optional: Counter-current swimming, Air-conditioning and Net & Clean.


  • Swimming pool tumbler .with decorative coating in high quality ISONPG Cray Valley gel coat applied with exclusive Marble Tech® technology standard colours.
  • Chemical protection barrier of vynilester resin, Structural layer of ortho ophthalic resin and type E fibreglass glass fibre E-type structural layer.
  • Perimeter and side reinforcements integrated into the glass.
  • External protective paintwork of white laminate.
  • Non-slip floor and steps.
  • Crown integrated in the tank, non-slip and of 13m. wide, suitable for artificial stone or other types of cladding. other types of cladding, with the possibility of choosing the crown in a different colour to the rest of the reducing costs and time.
    Optional accessories: Counter-current swimming, blower kit and heat pump pre-installation.
Lap Pool pool
Lap Pool pool

Rectangular and narrow pool to optimise the available space to the maximum. This rectangular pool model can be installed in the most difficult spaces, especially when they are elongated spaces.