Marble Tech™ patented technology




Swimming pools resistant to drastic temperature changes and seismic movements.


Marble effect finish that reduces bacteria by 99%, improving water quality.


We guarantee the structure of your pool for 50 years.



Our pools can be installed in only 3 days under normal conditions.

we manufacture Swimming Pools, we generate Happiness.

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Leader in fibreglass pools

At Freedom Pools we design and manufacture fibreglass pools with recognised prestige all over the world, under the Australian manufacturing standard, awarded on multiple occasions. 50 years manufacturing pools for our distributors with a structural guarantee of 50 years and applying clean and environmentally friendly processes and technologies.




Discover our most exclusive models designed to create original and stylish spaces in a wide variety of colours. Choose from 4 models and 25 different colour finishes of curved pools.



Rectangular swimming pools for swimming like the Lap Pool, for your attic or terrace like the City… different sizes and different depths that you will surely find the ideal one for you and your family within our models.



Pools with Autocover system: Space integrated in the pool shell to house the automatic slatted cover. This system helps prevent dirt from entering the pool and maintains the water temperature to prevent evaporation.



Our 5 classic pool models. From the small Lagoona to our Gran Hawaiian. Here you will find medium and large pools for your home and garden.

Our pools include all the necessary equipment for water purification and LED lighting.




If you have already purchased a Freedom Pools pool you can extend the warranty…


When you buy a Freedom Pools pool, not only are you buying a high quality and durable pool, but we also guarantee it in writing.

In addition to the 3 year legal guarantee, Freedom Pools adds:

  • 50 years structural guarantee
  • 20 years warranty Osmosis
  • 10 years warranty Top Coat

Just have your pool registration number ready and fill in our form.





      What are fibreglass pools?

      This type of pool is characterised by the fact that they are prefabricated one-piece structures made of fibreglass. They are usually built from moulds and then reinforced with steel bars. In addition, gelcoat and resin are used alongside this material to provide greater strength, stability and durability.

      Fibreglass itself is a strong and compact, yet versatile and lightweight material. It is a polymer composed of thin ceramic filaments and is used for the construction of fibreglass pools due to the advantages offered by its physical properties.

      Benefits of fibreglass for swimming pool construction

      Among the characteristics of fibreglass are its resistance to chemical erosion, its low maintenance and its capabilities as a thermal and electrical insulator.

      Below, we explain how these properties make fibreglass pools have characteristics that are difficult to find in other types of pools.

      There is a wide choice for those who want to have their own pool at home, but among the most popular alternatives are fibreglass pools. There are other useful materials for this type of construction, such as concrete, stainless steel, wood and plastic, but fibre offers greater benefits. If you are looking for the ideal type of pool for you, we recommend that you opt for a fibreglass pool. However, you need to know its characteristics, advantages and differences with other materials. Therefore, in this article we tell you everything you need to know before making a decision.

      Differences between fibre and concrete pools

      The first aspect that distinguishes fibreglass pools from concrete pools is their installation time. While fibreglass pools can be ready in less than a week, concrete pools require 14 to 24 days of work.

      The cost of construction and maintenance of concrete pools is also higher, as they are more robust. In addition, the action of chlorine and other chemicals can wear down the surface, so the paint needs to be touched up periodically.

      Similarly, fibreglass pools are one of the most ecological and affordable alternatives, as they do not require chemicals for cleaning and maintenance. In addition, their surface is safe, non-slip and does not need to be painted.

      The only disadvantage of fibreglass pools compared to concrete pools is that the latter can be made in any shape depending on different tastes and needs. But fibreglass pools will always be a cheaper and simpler alternative.

      This type of pool will allow you to fulfil your dream of enjoying a bath at any time of the day, especially during the high temperatures of summer. Don’t wait any longer to make up your mind and start enjoying yours.

      What is the difference between fibreglass pools?

      Some of the most common materials for the manufacture of swimming pools are:

      • Concrete pools.
      • Stainless steel pools.
      • Detachable pools.
      • Pools lined with liner.
      • Overflow and mirror pools.

      The qualities of fibreglass pools set them apart from all others. As they are prefabricated and made from a single piece, they have a lower risk of filtration. They can also be moved anywhere. So if you decide to have one, in case you have to move, you can take it with you.

      Another advantage in this aspect is that they can be installed on surfaces and can be moved if you want to change your decoration. It is also possible to add decorative or functional elements to them, such as spotlights, waterfalls, stairs, heaters and so on.




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