Introducing MANHATTAN: Elegance and Marble Tech™ Technology

At Freedom Pools, we are proud to have introduced our latest innovation at Pool & Wellness Barcelona: the MANHATTAN fiberglass pool. This model not only symbolizes luxury and elegance, but also introduces our patented Marble Tech™ technology with the impressive Ankara finish or the sophisticated Mara Grey. The combination of durability and aesthetic design makes Manhattan a unique proposition in the pool market.

MiniPools Cube and Sidney: Compact and Sophisticated

Additionally, our Cube and Sidney models made a sensation, defining the future of mini pools. These designs, ideal for compact spaces, show that quality and style need not be compromised by size. Cube and Sidney, with their minimalist aesthetic, are perfect examples of our dedication to innovation in rectangular pool design.

Connecting with the Market: Our Commitment to Quality

Participating in Piscina & Wellness Barcelona has been an invaluable experience for Freedom Pools. We not only reaffirmed our commitment to innovation and quality but also had the opportunity to connect directly with our clients and partners. This event has allowed us to better understand the market’s needs and how we can continue to lead in the pool industry.

Looking to the Future: Our Gratitude and Commitment

We want to thank everyone who visited our stand and showed interest in our Manhattan, Cube, and Sidney pools, and our entire range of fiberglass pools for professionals. Your passion and feedback are essential to our mission of leading the pool sector with superior innovation and design. At Freedom Pools, we are excited about the future and are committed to continuing to offer products that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.

In Summary: Freedom Pools at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona

The Piscina & Wellness Barcelona fair has been a key stage to highlight our dedication to excellence in fiberglass pools. The great Manhattan and mini pools Cube and Sidney are testimonies of our passion for innovation and design. We will continue working to be pioneers in the sector and offer the best pool solutions to our customers.