The Aimplas pool quality certification highlights the benefits of our patented Marble Tech™ technology in the manufacture of our fibreglass pools.

Our quest for excellence and quality in the pool manufacturing industry is a constant goal for companies like Freedom Pools Europe. In this regard, we are proud to announce that we have obtained a significant quality certification for our pools, issued by AIMPLAS and accredited by ENAC under accreditation number 56/LE156. This certification validates that our pools meet the most rigorous standards, in relation to our patented Marble Tech™ system. In this article, we will delve into the importance of this certification and how Marble Tech™ has revolutionised the swimming pool industry.

The Aimplas pool quality certification

AIMPLAS and ENAC quality certification for swimming pools:

Gaining accredited certification from a respected body such as ENAC is an achievement not to be underestimated. It means that Freedom Pools Europe has undergone a thorough review and audit process, affirming that our pools meet the strictest standards of quality and safety. This certification supports our dedication to providing our customers with the best possible pools.

Marble Tech™: A Patented Innovation:

At the heart of this certification is our patented Marble Tech™ system. This innovation has revolutionised the way pools are built and maintained, delivering an exceptional pool experience. Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects that were evaluated during testing in 2022 and contributed to our certification:

A. Chemical Resistance (UNE 53955:2002): Marble Tech™ has proven its ability to resist the adverse effects of chemicals used in pool water treatment. This resistance is essential to maintain the durability and appearance of the pool over time.

B. Brightness before and after the Chemical Resistance Test (UNE-EN ISO 2813:2015): Maintaining the brightness and appearance of the pool is essential for a visually appealing experience. Marble Tech™ has proven that it can retain its shine even after undergoing rigorous chemical resistance testing.

C. Water Resistance (UNES 53955:2002): Water resistance is crucial to prevent leaks and structural damage to the pool. Our Marble Tech™ system has demonstrated remarkable water resistance, ensuring a durable and safe pool.

D. Gloss before and after Water Resistance Test (UNE-EN ISO 2813:2015): Again, the appearance of the pool is an important factor in customer satisfaction. Marble Tech™ has proven that it can maintain its shine even after water resistance testing.

Benefits for Our Customers:

This certification from AIMPLAS and ENAC is not only an achievement for Freedom Pools Europe, but also brings tangible benefits to our customers. By choosing a Marble Tech™ pool, owners can be confident that they are investing in a high quality product that will stand the test of time and provide an exceptional pool experience. In addition, the durability and resistance to chemicals and water mean that maintenance costs over the life of the pool are lower, saving our customers time and money.


AIMPLAS and ENAC certification is an important milestone in Freedom Pools Europe’s journey towards excellence in swimming pool construction. Our Marble Tech™ system has proven its worth in terms of chemical resistance, water resistance and gloss retention. This means our customers can enjoy superior quality pools that require less maintenance and provide a visually stunning experience. We are committed to continuing to innovate and maintain the highest quality standards in the pool industry.

The Aimplas certification together with our Aenor Iso 9001 certificate are just some examples of our pool factory’s commitment to quality and user experience when purchasing a Freedom Pools pool. We continue to work to improve our pools and production processes, making the most of all our experience in the sector.