Freedom Pools showcases its latest mini straight pools at the recently held “Aquanale” trade show.
We are excited to share our recent experience at the prestigious Aquanale trade show in Cologne, Germany, where we dazzled with our innovations in the world of swimming pools. At this vibrant event, we not only participated, but we stood out with our new Cube and Sidney mini-pool models and the new products we will be preparing for the 24-25 season!

Mini Straight Pools in Aquanale

At Aquanale, we witnessed how the latest trends in pools, spas and wellness converge in a vibrant setting. Our stand became a meeting point for professionals and pool lovers, offering them the opportunity to explore the fascinating universe of Freedom Pools and discover our latest creations in mini straight pools.

Introducing Cube and Sidney: Rectangular Elegance Redefined

The presentation of our new Cube and Sidney mini-pool models marked one of the most exciting moments of the event. The Cube, with its compact design and innovative square shape, stands out as a versatile and elegant option, ideal for urban patios and terraces. The Sidney, on the other hand, with its distinctive rectangular shape, makes an impressive focal point in any outdoor space, providing an exceptional bathing experience.

News for the 24-25 Campaign: Elevating Our Commitment

We can’t contain our excitement as we share the innovations that will lead the way in the upcoming 24-25 campaign. From new finishes and colours in our patented Marble Tech™ technology, which not only guarantee unique design but also unparalleled durability, to the recent implementation of ISO 9001 quality certification, we reinforce our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Automation Systems: Your Pool, Your Control

All our pools are ready to integrate multiple functions and elements that enrich the installation. Our intelligent automation systems allow total control over every aspect of your pool, from water temperature to lighting and filtration. At Freedom Pools, we believe your pool should fit your lifestyle, and our products offer a fully customisable and efficient experience.

Freedom Pools: More than a Pool, a Lasting Experience

Freedom Pools is about more than just pools; it’s about creating experiences that last a lifetime. Our participation at Aquanale 2023 was an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to quality, innovation and excellence in pool design. The Cube and Sidney models, along with exciting new products for the 24-25 campaign, are testament to our dedication to leading the industry and delivering unique pool experiences.

Explore with us at and immerse yourself in excellence.

We invite you to explore our wide range of products at and discover how we can transform your outdoor space into an oasis of luxury and relaxation with our mini straight pools. At Freedom Pools, we want to be part of your journey to aquatic pleasure and comfort – immerse yourself in straight excellence with us!

Learn more about our Cube and Sidney mini straight pools here.