In a heated outdoor pool, we can maintain an optimal temperature all year round, and therefore enjoy the pool all year round. Would you like to find out how?

However, there are a few things you need to know in order to establish the ideal temperature for a heated outdoor pool.

Use your heated outdoor pool at any time of the year.

Imagine yourself swimming in your own pool in the middle of winter and doing your aquatic exercises without having to leave the house to go to the municipal heated pool or being able to take a dip at night without suffering because of the cold weather.

There are many reasons to enjoy a heated outdoor pool, without incurring too much cost.

Ideal temperature limits for a heated outdoor pool.

In general, it is indicated that the water temperature of a heated outdoor pool should oscillate between 24 and 30 degrees centigrade at most. A sufficiently wide range to suit your taste while maintaining good bathing conditions for your guests.

Neither too hot nor too cold.

Very hot water may dehydrate the elderly or children. It is not recommended to go above 30 degrees due to the fact that this is the temperature at which bacteria or pathogens can start to develop, also requiring more sophisticated maintenance. Water that is too cold when it comes to using the pool for fun and relaxation.

How to achieve the ideal temperature for an outdoor pool heated with a heat pump.

The water temperature of a heated pool can easily be controlled with a heat pump. It is one of the most economical methods. The price of the equipment depends on the volume of water to be heated and the average daily consumption cost may oscillate between 2 and 4 euros.

A heat pump is a specific heating system that regulates the temperature of the water to suit everyone. Even in outdoor pool installed in gardens, terraces or penthouses, you can maintain the ideal temperature for a heated outdoor pool. It consists of a simple piece of equipment, widely used in all types of indoor and outdoor pools, which maintains the desired temperature and can easily be adjusted.

Get the most out of the investment in your pool with a heat pump that keeps the water warm all year round.

Factors for determining the right water temperature.

Depending on where you live, the time of year you use your pool, the use you are going to make of it…  there are many factors to bear in mind when determining the ideal temperature for a heated outdoor pool.

This temperature must be suitable for everyone and all uses, whether winter or summer.

Factors to bear in mind:

1.- The thermal tolerance of the users.

The water must be at a temperature that is ideal for swimming, having fun or taking exercise, but it must be borne in mind that each person has a different sensitivity threshold to cold or heat.

2.- The use of the pool.

Professional swimmers prefer to swim in cold water. The greater the aquatic exercise, the lower the temperature should be, as this could affect performance.

On the other hand, for a pool intended for family fun, the temperature can comfortably be set at around 28ºC

3.- The environment

Outdoor pools are subject to changes in the temperature of the environment. Weather conditions affect the water, which loses heat when exposed to atmos

It must be borne in mind that the heat will be subject to the ambient temperature and will be lost due to evaporation, so it is advisable to add a few degrees to the desired temperature.

4.- The size and characteristics of your outdoor pool

In order to achieve correct water heating and the ideal temperature for a heated outdoor pool, the dimensions of the pool, its location, its exposure to atmospheric agents, as well as other equipment such as waterfalls, jet spa jets etc., must all be taken into account.

All our heated outdoor fibreglass pools can be heated if an appropriate heating system is installed.

Heated pools are generally fully covered, but as we have seen, outdoor pools can also be heated to raise water temperature during the cold season.

If you already have one of our fibreglass pools installed in your garden or terrace, you could get our heat pump heating system to raise or lower the temperature of the water, from lukewarm to quite hot, and enjoy your pool during all the seasons of the year.

The installation of glazing to cover and protect the pool is also a good way to maintain the temperature of the water.

If you would like to find out more about these options, you can contact any of our distributors so that they can help you heat your pool. We will be delighted to help you. Make the most of your heated pool.