The manufacturing lead time of our swimming pools is relatively short thanks to our more than 40 years’ experience improving processes, always preserving quality standards.

Desde hace más de 40 años, FREEDOM POOLS destaca dentro de la industria de piscinas de fibra de vidrio por la introducción de continuas y numerosas innovaciones en el proceso de fabricación, utilizando exclusivamente los mejores materiales, e implementando nuevos procesos que acortan el tiempo de fabricación mejorando al mimo tiempo la calidad.

FREEDOM POOLS has been outstanding in the fibreglass pools industry for more than 40 years due to the introduction of continuous and numerous innovations in the manufacturing process, using only the best materials and implementing new processes that shorten the manufacturing time at the same time as improving quality.

Manufacturing times of our swimming pools

At Freedom Pools, we manufacture a swimming pool in one day. Notwithstanding, one of the most important aspects in the quality of our swimming pools is our respect for the curing, or drying, time of the shell. This will depend on the ambient temperature and humidity, parameters that we record every day in the product traceability log.

Below, we will talk about the sections of our fibreglass swimming pools:

Sections of a Freedom Pools fibreglass swimming pool

Manufacturing lead time of our swimming pools

A. Outer edge beam

The outer edge beam is manufactured according to the most modern standards to ensure resistance, durability and safety. The finish will be matched to the colour of the swimming pool chosen from our wide variety of colours.

B. Non slip surfaces

Safety is fundamental in a swimming pool, which is why the surfaces of all our models are non slip.

C. Angle brace

The angles are reinforced to guarantee the resistance and durability of our swimming pools in order to ensure that the structure will be resistant over the long term.

D. Fibreglass wall stiffeners

Our swimming pools incorporate two layers of fibreglass to achieve the thickness required to guarantee the resistance of the structure.

E. Gel coat to outer structure

The stabilising gel coat is resistant to chemical products and ultraviolet rays. Along with the gel coat, we add a layer of vinyl ester resin, which is impervious to water and provides guaranteed osmosis protection.

F. One-piece construction

Close-beam construction is the most advanced method for this type of swimming pool. Thus, the structure will be maintained and any kind of cracks that may be caused through continued use, will be prevented.

G. Rounded angles for easy cleaning

Maintenance is a fundamental aspect, which is why it is important that users can count on a structure that makes it easy to clean the swimming pool and thus prevent any build-up of dirt in parts that are difficult to access.

How long does it take to deliver a Freedom Pools swimming pool?

To guarantee the process and quality standards, as well as proper delivery on a European level, the average delivery lead time is 15 days for swimming pools not available in stock and which need to be manufactured. However, if we have the requested model in stock, the lead time is reduced to just the time it takes to transport it to the distributor and onwards to the client.

Installation time

With respect to installation time, a Freedom swimming pool can be installed and be available for use in just 3 days; in another article, we will go into depth about the installation.

As you can see, «you have plenty of reasons» for choosing Freedom Pools, if you need us to expand on this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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