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Certain details should be borne in mind in order to prevent future problems when installing a swimming pool in clay soil plots.

Tips for installing a swimming pool in clay soil

Antes de comenzar con los consejos para la instalación en conveniente entender el tipo de suelo del que hablamos

Before starting with the installation tips, it is best to understand what type of soil we are talking about.

What is understood by clay soil?

Clay soil is one in which clay predominates over other particles of other sizes. Clay is a set of very small mineral particles, of less than 0.001mm in diameter, in contrast to other larger particles such as silt and sand, in order of size, from smaller to larger. (source ecología verde)

The location of your swimming pool in clay soil

Clay soil may cause problems due to changes in the humidity of the soil causing the clay to expand or contract: these humidity changes in the soil can be prevented by taking precautionary measures:


There must be adequate drainage, including the perimeter if required, levelling the soil so that water is not stored around the swimming pool and does not damage the shell.

The gutters

Make sure that gutters of any type for the cover and/or roofing are redirected far away from the swimming pool.

The garden

It is preferable if bushes and trees are not planted near the swimming pool since the roots may influence the condensation of water in the soil.

Looking after the garden

Inform your client that he/she should maintain and water the lawn, bushes, etc., especially during the dry seasons.

Slope on the plot

Avoid installing the swimming pool on a slope. If it has been, there should be proper drainage.

Do not empty the swimming pool

The swimming pool should not be emptied, especially after the winter when the natural content of the soil is higher.

As you can see, our swimming pools are suitable for any type of soil so long as appropriate measures are taken to guarantee durability and user safety. In the case of clay soil plots, it is sufficient to inform the client of the measures to be borne in mind and give appropriate advice about maintenance.