In this article, we are talking to you about how long it takes to install your Freedom Pools swimming pool.

The installation of a fibreglass swimming pool can be done relatively quickly. It should be noted that, for the theme of this article, we are taking it for granted that the swimming pool is available, in other words, it does not need to be manufactured, and that the ground studies have been done previously without finding any issues.

In light of the above…

Your Freedom swimming pool installed in just 3 days

It sounds difficult but the reality is that, in just 3 days, we can have your fibreglass swimming pool fully installed and operational. Therefore, we are going to explain to you day by day how the work is carried out so you can find out more about the process.

Day 1 of a fibreglass swimming pool installation

On this day, the installation work starts, the objective being to prepare the location. Therefore, during the day, the technicians excavate the area where the swimming will go and screed the base.

How long does it take to install a fibreglass swimming pool?

Day 2 of a fibreglass swimming pool installation

An intense day since, by the end of it, the swimming pool will be in its place, thus, on the second installation day, unloading, positioning the swimming pool and levelling it all take place.

How long does it take to install a fibreglass swimming pool?

Day 3 of a fibreglass swimming pool installation

The third and final day is focused on the operational set-up and details since, on this day, the purification equipment is installed, the pool is filled and the paving around your swimming pool is completed or other refurbishments, depending on your individual requirements.

How long does it take to install a fibreglass swimming pool?

What remains to be done after these installation days?

The answer to this is very simple; enjoy! Since your Freedom Pools swimming pool will be fully operational, and the waiting time will not depend on installation but on the time required to spend by your pool, since every family or company will define how to decorate its spaces.

As you can tell, it is a quick and simple process that, in just a few days, will allow you to enjoy the swimming pool and garden you have always wanted.

You have plenty of reasons for choosing a Freedom Pools swimming pool, feel free to contact us and we will let you know which is the nearest distributor in your area.