Garden Pools

If you are someone that lives in a house with some land, now is the time to choose from among all of our garden pools.

Garden pools

Garden pools installed in just 3 Days

The time has come, our garden pools are installed much more quickly than traditional constructed swimming pools.

Can you imagine enjoying a swimming pool for your garden this summer?

It is possible to install in just 3 days and without costly construction work that could delay you enjoying your pool. This is the process for our garden pools:

Day 1: Excavation and screeding.

Day 2: Unloading, positioning and levelling the fibreglass swimming pool.

Day 3: Purifying equipment, cleaning and filling.

Note: This schedule is possible under normal climatological and site conditions and starting from receipt of the shell at the installation site.

Install pool in garden
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How to choose a garden pool?

Garden pools are no different from swimming pools that can be installed in other spaces. The only thing you should bear in mind are the site conditions, the dimensions and, above all, the position of the sun, to make best use of the heat.


. . Garden pool installation without construction work

Installing one of our garden pools in just 3 days is possible provided that climatological and site conditions allow. Fibreglass swimming pools contribute towards installation cost savings.

  1. Fully watertight swimming pools

Avoid leaks that may occur in the future. Fibreglass garden pools do not present this problem despite the passage of time.

  1. Maximum durability

Our swimming pools are prepared to tackle all types of temperature and extremes of nature. Their one-piece (monoblock) manufacture is made to resist even seismic movements whereas this is not possible for traditional constructed pools.

  1. Economy

Spend less time and money on maintaining your garden pool. Fibreglass swimming pools require less investment in chemical cleaning products and better withstand the passage of time.

  1. Moving

If you move house in a few years’ time, you can take your pool with you and reinstall it in your new garden.

  1. Raw material

The quality standards of our swimming pools are well beyond those of other brands or types of pool. As a matter of fact, our pools have won more than 100 international awards over the lifetime of the brand.

  1. Licence

The work permit, and depending on the country or region, is simpler than for tiled pools as it is a minor project that takes just a few days.

  1. 35-year guarantee

Only our fibreglass swimming pools boast a 35-year structural guarantee. Other brands do not.

  1. Adaptability

No matter what type of home you have, we are bound to have a pool for you.

  1. Final appearance

Our colour chart offers 24 marble-effect finishes with Marble Tech™ technology, which change the colour of the water according to the setting.

All this plus your summer furniture amount to the perfect combination for an Awesome summer!

Find the model you need among our garden pools

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