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In this post, we offer you the questions we should ask ourselves when we are going to install our swimming pool. We hope that it is helpful!!

When is the best time to install our swimming pool?

At Freedom Pools, we install our swimming pools all year round, there is no best time for either manufacture or installation.

What is the best place for the swimming pool?

Freedom Pools advises locating the swimming pool outside the field of vision of neighbours and passers-by. The important thing is to have privacy.

On the other hand, it is advisable to have a big enough plot to allow the swimming pool to be built and the purification equipment to be installed for you and your family to enjoy.

The orientation of the swimming pool should be where the most hours of sunlight are received so that the water temperature is as pleasant as possible.

Which model to choose: Frequently asked questions when it comes to installing our swimming pool

The latest trends lean towards dynamic shapes that include spaces for exercising and the spa: a system for swimming against the current (Swim Jets), air, water or spa jets, hydro massage loungers…

Standard shapes (rectangles) make better use of the plot but curved, or kidney-shaped, pools have a more natural appearance.

At Freedom Pools, you can choose between 15 different models with respect to shapes and sizes.

Frequently asked questions when it comes to installing our swimming pool

What to put around the swimming pool:

The beach is the area that surrounds the swimming pool. It may be grass, gravel, stones or paving…

When it comes to choosing which plants to place around the swimming pool, you should bear in mind their height, width, roots and how they look. Ideally, they should provide colour and not make too much mess and, if they are perennial, all the better.