How to repair the Gel Coat. Easy and in just 5 steps

You already know that our Gel Coat / Eco Pure) Eco Pure ™ is an exclusive gel that we use in our pools that helps prevent the growth of algae on the surface of the pool, and can reduce up to 99% of common bacteria *.

But it may be that in the manipulation of the pool (loading and / or unloading) scratches or bumps may occur by accident. Quiet, this can be easily repaired.

The area is sanitized with 400 grit, then, with the mini-grinder, it is cleaned with acetone to remove traces of dust and grease and finally it is proceeded to paint with gel coat catalyzing the same at 2% (this material will be supplied exclusively by Freedom Pools ).

Once the gel coat has dried completely, cut the excess with a cutter and sand with 600 and 800 sandpaper (the latter sandpaper with water).

Finally, it is polished with abrasive paste and a rotorbital.

In this video you will see it clearer.