A pool for swimming at home. Can you imagine being able to swim at any time without having to go anywhere?Jump out of bed and straight into the water, discover the pleasure of a pool for swimming with freedom and without opening times or hassle… Practice swimming in your own style and in your own home. Do not waste time travelling, keep up the rhythm in your garden pool.

A pool for swim training, health and fun.

Enjoy the benefits of having your own swimming pool at home with our elongated, rectangular, prefabricated fibreglass models. If competitive swimming is your thing, you have up to 12 metres to train in comfort.

Swimming every day provides general wellbeing for both body and mind. Swimming helps you to tone muscles and joints, improves blood circulation and it is the ideal exercise for losing weight. It is one of the most complete sports for keeping fit.

Enjoy total independence when it comes to swimming at home.

A pool for swimming in your own home allows you to make the most of your free time, without having to travel, with total independence. With a swimming pool in your garden, you will avoid the waiting around and restricted opening times of municipal pools, and you will be able to practice your favourite sport in your own swimming lane.

Exercising at dawn will renew your energy and get every muscle in your body moving. At night, the interior lighting of our fibreglass pools will allow you to experience the pleasure of swimming under the moon.

We have the perfect pool for swimming.

Installing a fibreglass swimming pool in your garden is easy, quick and much more affordable than you think. No matter how much space you have, with five metres, you will be able to swim at home every day. We have a catalogue of prefabricated fibreglass pools that can be easily adapted to any distribution of space.

A pool for swimming at home.

A pool for swimming at home




Our Lap Pool Model is specially designed as a swimming lane.

A minimalist, spacious and very long pool design, with no interruptions or obstacles to distract you from your exercise. Forget about taking the car to go to the pool and using cumbersome stationary swimming devices that do not allow you to move freely.

You have a length of up to 12 metres for uninterrupted swimming.

The steps and accesses to the pool are strategically located on the side of the shell so they do not reduce the swimming area. Its proportions are ideal for you to enjoy the most complete sport without leaving home. The depth of 1.40 metres is perfect for a comfortable turn. Its width of 3.20 metres makes it a fantastic swimming pool for the whole family to enjoy.

Train at home in your own swimming pool.

A swimming pool with a swim lane is perfect for professional athletes and for anyone who want to keep fit without leaving home.

Manufactured in various sizes, its rectangular shape favours continuous, uninterrupted swimming. Its dimensions allow you to practice all the strokes: crawl, breaststroke, butterfly or back stroke. The walls of the shells of our pools for swimming at home are vertical, parallel and smooth so you will not find any obstacle as you exercise.

Durable, resistant and low-maintenance pools.

The patented Marble Tech™ technology our fibreglass pools are made from, make them elegant and resistant spaces.

In our catalogue, you can find the swimming pool that best suits the needs of the whole family and enjoy a dip without having to wait or unexpected cleaning. Its walls are smooth, with no pores for dirt to cling to, making it easy to keep maintenance to a minimum and guaranteeing better water health.

Keep fit in your own pool and enjoy the pleasure of swimming without leaving home. Your pool will be ready for you just three days after the shell is delivered to your home.