Spring is here and with it comes news about our new Malibu beach pool. Do you want to find out more?

The new Malibu beach pool is our new proposal to enable young and old to enjoy bathing without any danger. A fun experience thanks to the shape of the pool, part of which is dedicated to the formation of a beach where, just like the seashore, it is a place for games or where you can enjoy relaxing in just a few centimetres of water, thus preventing risks for those with reduced mobility or children.

Characteristics of the Malibu beach pool

Fibreglass swimming pool shell with decorative high quality (ISO NPG Cray Valley) gel coat covering, applied with exclusive Marble Tech® technology, standard colours.

With chemical protection barrier of vinyl ester resin, an orthophthalic resin and type E fibreglass, reinforced edges and sides integrated in the shell. Exterior white protective laminated paint.

Non slip floor and steps. Outer edge beam integrated in shell, non slip and 15cm wide, suitable for laying artificial stone or another type of cladding.

With a total approximate death of 1.45 metres and approximate dimensions of 10.30 x 4.00 metres, this model of swimming pool with beach, to which a sun shade or lounger can be added to the inside of the pool, meets all the conditions necessary to enjoy it with different add-ons such as:

  • Blower Kit
  • Swim Jets
  • 8-Jet Kit
  • Heating
  • Net & Clean

The Malibu beach pool is also available in its autocover version, prepared to house a telescopic louvred cover that protects against the inclemencies of the weather and better maintains water temperature.

Here you can see the Malibu and the Malibu Autocover, two models that are perfect for you to enjoy this year.

The beach in your own home