Swimming Pools for terraces

Having a terrace does not mean being unable to enjoy a swimming pool. At Freedom Pools we have swimming pool models for terraces.


Swimming Pools for terraces. What should you know?

If you have a terrace or a patio, you might have thought about installing a swimming pool. Well, you can find all the information you need for your terrace pool here.

Do you know how we install terrace pools?

Our distributors are capable of doing this in just 3 days, they only need to understand the site where it will be installed (plans and technical documents of the build) to ensure that there will not be any problems and to advise you about the appropriate model for that space.

This is the process for our prefabricated swimming pools for terraces:

  • Analyse the structural calculation provided by the architect.
  • Analyse the age of the construction and the floor.
  • Choose the appropriate swimming pool bearing in mind the weight that the structure will support.
Note: Fibreglass swimming pools for terraces usually weigh less than other types of pool such as concrete or steel.
Buy swimming pool for terrace made of polyester fiber

How to choose a swimming pool for the terrace?

Swimming pools for terraces are no different from those that can be installed in other spaces, although the most important thing to bear in mind are the dimensions of the swimming pool based on the weight the property can support.


. . Installation of terrace pools without building works

It is possible to install a swimming pool on your terrace in just 3 days, site conditions and weather permitting. Fibreglass swimming pools help to save installation costs.

  1. Long-lasting swimming pools

Close-beam construction enables the edge to be integrated into the shell without the need for fitting a ring beam at the time of installation and without the fear that said edge might sink or deform.

  1. Resistant to inclement weather

Our Gel Coat (MARBLE TECH™ gel coat layer) is resistant to chemical products and a stabiliser of ultraviolet rays.

  1. Layers

Two structural layers of fibreglass to achieve the required thickness and resistance. What is more, our fibreglass swimming pools for terraces boast 7mm-diameter reinforcements throughout the shell, providing greater solidity.

  1. Swimming pool exteriors

Non-slip walkable areas. Flat walls to facilitate cleaning. Flow coat primer on the shell exterior to protect the laminate.

We also need to emphasise Eco Pure™, a revolutionary gel coat that helps to prevent algae growth and can reduce common bacteria by up to 99%*.

  1. Raw Material

The quality standards for our swimming pools are way above those of other brands or types of pool, in fact, they have won more than 100 international awards over the course of the brand’s history.

  1. Licence

Depending on the country or autonomous community, the work licence for the installation of this type of swimming pool is generally easier to obtain than for tiled pools, being work that does involve complications and lasting just a few days.

  1. 35-year guarantee

Only our fibreglass swimming pools come with a 35-year structural guarantee. Those of other brands do not.

  1. Adaptability

No matter what type of home you have, we are sure to have a swimming pool for you.

  1. Final appearance

Our colour chart present 24 finishes with Marble Tech™ marble-effect finishes where the colour of the water varies according to the setting.

«Find the model you need among our swimming pools for terraces»

Pools for community terraces or privately-owned buildings, lighter and easy to install.

What are you waiting for? Find out where to buy a fibreglass swimming pool for your terrace today.

Pools for community terraces or terraces of own buildings, lighter and easier to mount.

What are you waiting for? Find out today where to buy your fiberglass pool for your terrace.

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