Pools for Small Patios

A swimming pool for a small patio is one of the best ideas you can set in motion to combat the summer heat, whether community or private.

Piscinas en patios pequeños

Pools for small patios in just 3 Days

Having a swimming pool has stopped being a luxury and, in very hot areas, it is almost a requirement in order to cope with the high temperatures. Fibreglass swimming pools for small patios are the best solution in terms of safety, cleaning and speed.

How long before you can have a swimming pool on your private or community patio?

Well, if meteorological conditions and the construction itself allow, in a minimum of just 3 days. Also, avoiding the lengthy and costly building work required for tiled pools. Fibreglass swimming pools for patios need just 3 days for installation and start-up:

Day 1: Analysis and preparation of plot or site where it will be installed. Excavation and screeding.

Day 2: Unloading, positioning and levelling the swimming pool.

Day 3: Purification equipment, cleaning and filling.

Note: This schedule is possible in normal weather and site conditions and is from receipt of the shell at the installation site.

piscinas para patios pequeños
modelos de piscinas para patios pequeños

How to choose a pool for the patio?

Patio pools tend to be small due to the space available although this does not make them any less attractive. In fact, with our range of Marble Tech™ finishes, you can choose from 24 colours that will modify the colour of the water, from the most Caribbean blue to the greenish blue of a cool pond in the middle of a forest.


1. Installation of patio pools without building works

You will be enjoying your swimming pool in just 3 days, according to the installation conditions, and you will also make a significant saving compared to concrete or tiled pools.

2. Without leakage problems or cracks

Despite the passage of time, fibreglass swimming pools are still the most resistant on the market and you will never have a leak. They are even built to withstand all kinds of temperatures and bad weather. Their one-piece (monoblock) manufacture is made to resist even seismic movements whereas this is not possible for traditional constructed pools.

3. Better maintenance

The size of pools for small gardens enables lighter and cheaper maintenance. Furthermore, the smooth walls of fibreglass swimming pools are much easier to clean and avoid algae or dirt penetrating tile joints.

Fibreglass pools require a lower investment in chemical and cleaning products and better survive the passage of time.

5. Take it where you want

If you move house for any reason, you can take it with you and reinstall it.

6. Raw material

The quality standards for our swimming pools are way above those of other brands or types of pool, in fact, they have won more than 100 international awards over the course of the brand’s history.

7. Licence

Depending on the country or autonomous community, the work licence is simpler, being work that does not involve complications, lasting just a few days and easier than tiled pools.

8. 35-year guarantee

If you are buying a fibreglass swimming pool for your patio, garden or terrace, you should know that only our brand offers a 35-year structural guarantee. Those of other brands do not.

9. Adaptability

Among our range of models, you will find the size that best suits your space.

10. Final appearance

Our colour chart presents 24 Marble Tech™ marble-effect finishes where the colour of the water varies according to the light and your chosen colour.

«Find the model you need among our pools for small patios»

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piscinas pequeñas en patios pequeños