Polyester fibreglass Mini pools can be installed anywhere. Would you like to know how? Here are some details.

We sometimes think that it is not possible to buy a polyester mini pool to install it in a small garden or patio and we end up buying a temporary pool, but the reality is different.

The truth is that installing polyester fibreglass mini pools require hardly any building work as our pools can be installed in a minimum of 3 days.

Characteristics of our polyester mini pools

10 advantages of Polyester Fibreglass Mini pools

  1. We can install them in small spaces, gardens, patios etc.
  2. They come with most of the options of a large pool (Blower Kit, kit 8 jets, Net&Clean and Heating).
  3. Our distributors are able to install them in just 3 days (depending on terrain and weather).
  4. You will enjoy a 35-year structural guarantee.
  5. They are fully watertight and robust, preventing leaks or cracks.
  6. They are manufactured in one piece, guaranteeing their watertightness.
  7. Totally non-slip, preventing falls or slips.
  8. Resistant to drastic temperature changes and seismic movements.
  9. Our Eco Pure™ system helps prevent algae growth and can reduce common bacteria by up to 99%.
  10. You can choose from more than 24 finishes, offering a different look and water colour to conventional pools.

Our distributors across Europe will be able to offer you advice on which polyester fibreglass mini pool models are most suitable for the space in which they are to be installed, although you can see our best-selling models below:

The best-selling polyester fibreglass mini pools

The best-selling mini pool can have a different look as our patented Marble Tech™ technology offers a wide range of colours and effects to give your pool the look desired. Their luxurious marble look and resistance to fading make our mini pools the most attractive fibreglass pools on the market.

City: With a depth of 1.40 metres and dimensions of approximately 4.45×2.70 metres, it is one of the models that best adapts to any space. It has a 15 cm border edge integrated into the shell and options such as Blower Kit, kit 8 jets, Net&Clean and Heating.

10 advantages of Polyester Fibreglass Mini pools

Freedom 2000:

Freedom 2000: With a depth of 1.20 metres and measuring approximately 5.20×3.00 metres. One of the most popular curved polyester fibreglass mini pools among our customers. This fibreglass pool has a removable table and options such as counter-current swimming and Heating.

10 advantages of Polyester Fibreglass Mini pools

You can find out more about our range of fibreglass mini pools on our website https://freedompools.es/en/all-pool-models/

Once you have chosen your pool, you only need to think about how to arrange its setting to give you a unique and personal space. It will be, without doubt, one of the most incredible spaces in your home.