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Small Swimming Pools

Are you looking for a mini swimming pool? Do you want to know the prices of our mini pools? We present our fibreglass mini pools, the best choice for penthouses, terraces and small spaces.

Mini Pools Prices - Prefabricated Fiberglass Mini Pools

Prefabricated Mini Pools in just 3 Days

No matter the space available, we have the mini swimming pool you need for your terrace or penthouse. Fully guaranteed mini pools and installed in a minimum of 3 days.

Can you imagine yourself enjoying your fibreglass mini pool this summer?

These are some of the mini pools that might interest you:

San Remo: Approximate Dimensions 5.15m x 2.60m

Freedom 2000: Approximate Dimensions 5.20m x 3.00m

City: Approximate Dimensions 4.45m x 2.70m.

Entertainer 4: Approximate Dimensions  4.00m x 2.50m.

Models of fiberglass or polyester mini pools
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Mini Pools for terraces or penthouses


Demand for mini swimming pools for terraces or penthouses is growing all the time, but we need to take certain aspects into account such as the weight our property can support.

The most important thing to understand is what the structure of the penthouse or terrace is made of, and to consult with the builder, or architect, of the property to thus prevent any cracks or fissures that may appear.


Mini swimming pools are perfect for limited spaces such as penthouses, terraces, small gardens… It is a solution for which demand is growing all the time, although certain aspects need to be considered.

  1. Frame and structure of the property

Property structure calculations is a job for the architects. To understand what type of mini swimming pool we can install in our penthouse or terrace, and its price, we must first consider aspects such as the weight of the swimming pool and the weight of the water. Knowing the age of the property and the type of structure completes the information required to make the structural calculation.

  1. How to make the calculation for my mini penthouse pool

If we pick, by way of example, our City model mini swimming pool, which measures 4.45 X 2.70 metres, equivalent to 12m², and has a depth of 1.40 metres, we get just over 10 cubic metres, 10,000 litres of water, more or less.

In this case, we need a frame that can withstand an excess load of around 480kg/m² of water as well as the weight of the fibreglass swimming pool shell (they weigh less than constructed pools) and the weight of the people that use it, which gives us a total reinforcement of around 1,000 kilos per square metre.

In any event, our distributors will help you to calculate and verify the resistance of your property and the type of mini pool you should install.

  1. Calculate cubic metres

  1. Adaptability

Mini swimming pools made of fibreglass for penthouses offer a quick and safe solution when it comes to installing a swimming pool and you can choose between different sizes to suit the dimensions of your space.

  1. Moving house

If you move house in a few years’ time, you can take the swimming pool with you and reinstall it in your new space.

  1. Raw material

The quality standards of our swimming pools are well beyond those of other brands or types of pool. As a matter of fact, our pools have won more than 100 international awards over the lifetime of the brand.

  1. Licence

The work permit, and depending on the country or region, is simpler than for tiled pools being a minor project that takes just a few days.

  1. 35-year guarantee

Only our fibreglass swimming pools boast a 35-year structural guarantee. Other brands do not.

  1. Cleaning

Our fibreglass mini swimming pools are easier to clean and maintain than other types of pool.

  1. Final appearance

Our colour chart offers 24 marble-effect finishes with Marble Tech™ technology, which change the colour of the water according to the setting.

All this plus your summer furniture amount to the perfect combination for an Awesome summer!

Mini Pools for terraces


If you are interested in our mini swimming pools for terraces and penthouses, request more information here.

Mini swimming pools for terraces - Mini swimming pools for penthouses