Summer’s here and we want to enjoy a swimming pool at home, but, have we got the space? Today, we are going to look at Mini Pools for penthouses, terraces and small gardens.

Not having much space does not mean missing out on having a swimming pool at home. Every day, there are more and more mini swimming pools for penthouses and terraces, or gardens with not much land, which our distributors install throughout the length and breadth of Europe.

To install a mini pool in a penthouse or on a terrace, we only need to take into account certain technical aspects to prevent fissures or cracks from appearing in the property over time, and so we need to calculate the weight of the Mini Pool, the weight of the water and the weight of the people that are going to enjoy it.

Mini Pool Prices

The first thing we need to know to find out the price of the mini pool, is the size we are interested in. At Freedom Pools Europe, we manufacture various models with different dimensions and depths.

Once we know the size of the mini pool that might fit our penthouse or terrace, we need to decide on the material the mini pool will be made of. From prefabricated children’s pools to the MOST SOPHISTICATED, which are made from fibreglass. The latter, which are the ones we manufacture, have a huge advantage over constructed tiled pools, and this is that they weigh less, making them safer when it comes to installing them in these urban spaces.

And so, the next thing is to calculate the total weight that our property should be able to support, and consult with the builder, or architect, of the property about the weight that the property’s frame and structure can withstand.

For example: In the case of our City model mini swimming pool, which measures 4.45 X 2.70 metres, equivalent to 12m², and with a depth of 1.40 metres, which would be 10,000 litres of water, requiring the frame to be able to withstand around 480kg/m² of water, as well as the weight of the fibreglass pool shell itself and the weight of the people that will use it, giving us a total reinforcement of around 1,000 kilos per square metre.

These calculations can be done easily, but the best thing would be for our distributors to advise you about the fibreglass mini swimming pool you need and, therefore, to inform you about prices.

Do not miss out on your mini pool this summer. You can request a personalised quote HERE.