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Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Alicante and its province enjoy a privileged climate all year round, which is why it is necessary to install a swimming pool in any community, chalet, country finca or home. If you need a Fibreglass Swimming Pool in Alicante and want to start enjoying it straightaway, the solution is a prefabricated pools.

Piscinas Fibra en Alicante

Your Fibreglass Swimming Pool installed in just 3 Days

Prefabricated pools in Alicante. No sooner said than done, fibreglass swimming pools are installed much more quickly than constructed pools.

Can you imagine enjoying your swimming pool already?

Being a swimming pool made of fibreglass, it can be installed in just 3 days.

Day 1: Excavation and screeding the base.

Day 2: Unloading, positioning and levelling.

Day 3: Purification equipment, cleaning and filling.

Note: This schedule is possible in normal meteorological and ground conditions from reception of the shell at the installation site.


Fibreglass swimming pools last a lot longer than constructed pools.


Thanks to their smooth, non slip walls and floors, fibreglass swimming pools are easier to clean and cost less to maintain.

Water tightness

Fully watertight and impermeable, preventing any possibility of leakage. Waterproof and with better chemical protection.


Up to 35 years’ structural guarantee available, depending on the manufacturer.


Prefabricated pools are resistant to drastic changes in temperature and seismic movements.

Gel Coat

If it has the exclusive gel coat marble tech™ finish, it offers greater resistance to chemical products and U.V. rays.

Eco Pure

Fibreglass swimming pools with Eco Pure™ prevents algae growth and may reduce common bacteria by up to 99%.


These swimming pools are available in multiple designs and sizes that adapt to the exterior or interior space.
Estructura piscina de vidrio en Alicante

Parts of a fibreglass swimming pool

1 – Outer edge beam. 2 – Non slip surfaces. 3 – Angle brace. 4 – Fibreglass wall stiffeners. 5 – Gel coat to outer structure. 6 – One-piece construction. 7 – Rounded angles for easy cleaning.
Comprar piscina de vidrio en Alicante

Why choose a Fibreglass swimming pool?

Installing a fibreglass swimming pool at your home or on your residential estate is one of the best ideas for enjoying a space that is full of potential with guarantees.


1. Installation without costly construction

A fibreglass swimming pool can be installed in just 3 days and, being a single piece, its installation involves a lower cost in construction materials.

2. Without leaks

One of the most common problems with a swimming pool over time is leaks. Fibreglass swimming pools do not present this problem no matter how much time passes.

3. Strength

The outside temperature and the inclemencies of nature will not overcome a swimming pool made of fibreglass since its compact structure is tested to withstand even seismic movements.

4. Less money

Spending less time and money on pool maintenance is the main objective of any swimming pool owner. With those made of fibreglass, this is possible. Less investment in chemical and cleaning products and better preservation of the shell over time.

5. Moving house

You do not know if you will live in the same place forever? No problem, you can take the swimming pool with you and relocate it at your new home.

6. Materials that last

We typically maintain quality standards that far exceed those of other types of pool, which guarantees their durability.

7. Permits

The work licence or permit, and depending on the country or autonomous region, is easier as it is a question of just a few days’ work, and simpler than for tiled pools.

8. Guarantee

Fibreglass swimming pools have guarantees that last far longer than for constructed or tiled pools.

9. Models that adapt

Whether you live in a penthouse or have a narrow patio, you will find the prefabricated swimming pool model that best suits your needs.

10. Enviable finishes

We can offer you from the most classical to marble effect finishes. These types of finish help to change the colour of the water, enabling you to choose between the most Mediterranean blue to the most authentic green that will remind you of a pool in the middle of a forest.

I’m not going to wait any longer, I’m going to jump in the deep end today”

What are you waiting for? Find out today where to buy your fibreglass swimming pool and enjoy it all year round.
Fibreglass Swimming Pools in Alicante


If you still have doubts about the benefits of a fibreglass swimming pool, you can find further clarification here.

Frequently asked questions by people like you who are thinking about installing a fibreglass swimming pool in Alicante.

How do you clean a fibreglass swimming pool?

Cleaning this type of swimming pool is the same as other types but takes less time due to the walls and floor being smooth and non slip.

Is a work permit required?

Installing a fibreglass swimming pool in Alicante does not require a work permit as it is a minor installation and only takes a few days.

Don’t they get burned by the sun?

Epoxy resins are considered to be high performance and are excellent: waterproof, chemical protection, resistant to drastic changes in temperature and seismic movements. 

How long does it take to install?

At least 3 days from receipt of the shell and in normal climatological and ground conditions.