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A) Gel Coat: Layer of MARBLE TECH™ gel coat, chemical resistant and U.V. stabilised.

B) Vinyl Ester Resin: With Epoxy base impervious to water and providing guaranteed osmosis protection.

C) Layers: Two structural layers of fibreglass to achieve the required thickness.

D) Close-beam: Close-beam construction provides the strongest method of constructing a swimming pool available in the industry.

E) Resin: Layer of white resin for maximum lamination protection.



1 – Outer edge beam.
2 – Non slip surfaces.
3 – Angle brace.
4 – Fibreglass wall stiffeners.
5 – Gel coat to outer structure.
6 – One-piece construction.
7 – Rounded angles for easy cleaning.


Close-beam construction allows the outer edge of the swimming pool to be integrated into the shell without the need for fitting a ring beam at the time of installation and without the fear that said edge might sink or deform.

The 45º angle braces under the steps allow maximum strength and structural stability.

7mm-diameter supports throughout the shell give it greater solidity.

Rounded inside corners for easy cleaning.

Non slip walkable areas.

Flat walls for easy cleaning.

Outer shell primed with flowcoat to protect the lamination.

Access points to the pool do not take space from bathing area.


Epoxy resins are deemed high-performance since their physical-chemical properties are excellent: impervious to water, chemical protection, resistant to drastic changes in temperature and seismic movements. CHARACTERISTICS

The quality of raw materials is a constant in the manufacture of our swimming pools and subject to continuous review.

The application of epoxy resin, as well as other materials, in the manufacture of our swimming pools ensures their durability and safety.

At Freedom Pools, we evaluate and assess our suppliers to ensure the quality of the raw materials we are going to use to build our swimming pools and spas, thus improving our competitivity and the guarantee of our work.

Why choose a FREEDOM swimming pool?

Some of the most important benefits of our swimming pools:

  • Fully watertight and safe.
  • All walkable areas (bottom, steps and border) are non slip.
  • Our manufacturing system allows a 35-year structural guarantee.
  • Epoxy based Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Impervious to water and greater chemical protection.
  • Resistant to chemical agents and U.V. rays thanks to finish in our exclusive Marble Tech™ Gel Coat.
  • Easy to clean thanks to rounded corners.
  • Easy installation, transport and cleaning.
  • Resistant to drastic temperature changes and seismic movements.
  • Perfect for inside or outdoors.
  • Marble Tech™ finishes, a technology patented by Freedom Pools that represented an unprecedented advance in the sector.
  • Eco Pure™ is a revolutionary gel coat that helps to prevent algae growth and can reduce up to 99% of common bacteria*.
  • Close-beam construction enables edge to be integrated into the shell.
  • After-sales service.
  • * In conjunction with proper water maintenance.

FREEDOM POOLS has been outstanding in the fibreglass pools industry for more than 45 years due to the introduction of continuous and numerous innovations in the manufacturing process, using only the best materials. We have incorporated “Vinyl Ester” resin to protect your pool against osmosis formation. This product protects them even in the harshest climatological conditions. FREEDOM POOLS works exclusively with “Marble Tech ™” finishes, a technology based on a high-quality gel coat finish that will improve your installation both visually and structurally.