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Many people wonder if the inground swimming pool is the best option in order to have a swimming pool in the least possible time and, thus, comparing with the option of an aboveground swimming pool. Today we are going to see the differences.

To choose a type of swimming pool and to install it is directly related to the need of enjoying it as soon as possible. Many people think that an above ground swimming pool is the best solution to start enjoying it from the day it is bought, and they are right, but, what about if you can have an inground swimming pool in only three days?

The inground fibre swimming pool can be installed in only three days, weather and ground conditions permitting. To enjoy your new swimming pool in only a few days is possible with Freedom Pools and the work from our distributers.

Even more, there are a series of advantages that you must know which are going to make you choose an inground swimming pool.

The Advantages of Inground Fibre Swimming Pools

  • The time required for the installation. As we have previously commented, the quick installation of a fibre swimming pool allows us to enjoy it nearly immediately.
  • The security. The inground fibre swimming pool is compact and totally watertight; therefore it is very difficult for leaks or breaks to occur.
  • The warranty. Swimming pools of Freedom Pools have a structural warranty of 35 years, they are made even against seismic movements
  • The durability. The effects of UVA rays and regular sudden temperature changes leave their mark on swimming pools. Our fibre swimming pools are made to resist these harmful effects from the sun, chemical agents and sudden changes of temperature.
  • The size of the swimming pool. Above ground swimming pools do not offer the variety of models and dimensions as our swimming pools.
  • Perhaps not one of the main advantages except if you want a swimming pool for life then it is one of the most price competitive in the market. It will depend if your priorities are quality and durability of your swimming pool.

As you can see inground pools are the best option to enjoy a summer in the water whether in your country house, urbanisation, chalet o even patio or terrace, an inground fibre swimming pool offers the best guarantees.

You have time now to plan your swimming pool for next summer. Come on, what are you waiting for?  You can find out more here