Take into account the measurements of a swimming pool so as not to regret future errors in important. Discover our 8X4 fiber pools today

An 8×4 pool is a medium pool that can be located in many spaces. Small neighborhood communities, medium-sized gardens, small chalets … In our fiber pool catalog we find several models between round pools and rectangular pools. A medium pool to enjoy in community or with guests.

10 Characteristics of 8×4 medium pools

  1. They have perfect dimensions for medium spaces.
  2. They can be installed in large patios, chalets or fields and communities of owners.
  3. They have multiple component options such as counter-current, heated or Net & Clean.
  4. The depth of medium pools is usually around 1.45.
  5. Its capacity is not exaggerated so it does not have an excessively high cost in terms of filling and maintenance.
  6. They can also be suitable for converting them into air conditioning, as they have options such as air conditioning.
  7. Despite its size, its resistance and durability is above that of built-in or tile pools.
  8. They have, like all our pools, a 35-year structural guarantee.
  9. Its finishes are available in up to 24 colors
  10. They can be installed in a minimum of 3 days, provided that the terrain and natural conditions allow it.

We hope that with this information about 8×4 medium pools you will have a clearer idea of ​​whether these are the measures that interest you. In any case you can see more info here.