The dimensions of a fiberglass pool are important to create perfectly integrated, and above all, comfortable spaces.

The 5×3 fiber pools represent a medium size that adapts to small spaces. It is a perfect pool to keep an eye on the little ones at all times and large enough to enjoy all the family and friends.

The 5×3 fiber pools are also suitable for installation in patios and terraces adapted for it. Its dimensions fit in almost any space where you want to enjoy.

Characteristics of 5×3 fiber pools

  • They are especially comfortable in limited spaces.
  • They can be installed on terraces, attics or patios. (provided they are prepared to bear weight).
  • They have multiple component options such as counter-current, heated or Net & Clean.
  • If you clean them manually, they are more comfortable thanks to their dimensions.
  • They are also cheaper to treat due to their water capacity.
  • Their transportation and even transfer are cheaper.
  • Its resistance capacity even to seismic movements are exactly the same as the rest of the pools that we manufacture.
  • They have, like all our pools, a 35-year structural guarantee.
  • Its finishes are available in up to 24 colors
  • They can be installed in a minimum of 3 days, provided that the terrain and natural conditions allow it.

Now that you know more about the advantages of our 5×3 pools, it only remains for you to see it projected in your garden, patio, terrace or attic. See More Here.