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The 4×3 swimming pool is perfect for patios, terraces and small gardens. With the benefits of any swimming pool, the mini pool is your ideal solution this summer.

This year may be the one in which you decide to install the swimming pool that you have been waiting so long for in that little corner. You must know that the 4×3 mini swimming pool, as other fibre swimming pools, can be installed in only 3 days, depending on the ground conditions and weather permitting.

Things you must know about a 4×3 Mini Swimming Pool

  • Terrace installation, if the building and technical report allow the weight it can be installed without any problems.
  • Patio installation, as in the terrace, the technical report has to indicate the ground conditions.
  • Small garden installation, in this case as the base is the ground itself there is no problem.
  • Heated swimming pool: Yes, it can be heated and a device can be added to do so.
  • Available options: You can choose any of the 24 available options in Marble Tech™ discolouring resistant.
  • Lifespan: All our fibre swimming pools are more resistant and have a better lifespan than common glass-tile mosaic pools.
  • Quick and cheap. Its smooth finished walls prevent dirt accumulation.

We are approaching the swimming pool season so the best thing is to start as soon as possible to avoid delays in order to install your swimming pool quickly and problem free.  To have time to plan, choose and compare is better than to make a bad decision at the last minute, so we suggest to start looking at what type of swimming pool is better for you to enjoy with your friends and family this summer. Enjoy the benefits of having a fibre swimming pool in your patio, terrace or garden.

If you need more information about the 4×3 fibre swimming pool please visit https://freedompools.es/en/4×3-polyester-fiber-pools/