Our range of small Fibre Swimming Pools offers multiple possibilities. Now is the time to see your fiber pool for next season.

The small fibre swimming pools can adapt to nearly every space inside or outside your home. Let´s have a look.

If your space is not bigger than 5×3 inside or outside your house, do not hesitate, to install a small swimming pool is the best decision you could take.

The small fibre swimming pools can be installed in country homes, chalets, terrace houses and even penthouses, if the structure allows it. Even more, they offer a great atmosphere, not only because it is aesthetic, but also because you will be using them not only in the summer but also in spring, mainly in warm areas.

5 reasons of why you should buy our small fibre swimming pools:

  1. Your home will change completely after installing the swimming pool
  2. The installation can be done in just 3 days (if weather and structure allows it)
  3. They have a 35 year structural warranty
  4. The quality of our swimming pools in this sector is above average
  5. Building the swimming pool using a skirt beam is the most solid solution available in the industry

3 Models of small fibre swimming pools

These are some of the most sold models of small swimming pools, perfect to be installed in your garden or home.

Any of these models of swimming pools respond to the characteristics described in this article. Fibre swimming pools that can be installed anywhere inside or outside your home, and that offer all the possibilities that you could imagine for your swimming pool such as the counter-current swimming or heated pool.

Finishings: You can choose your swimming pool with up to 24 finishings thanks to our patented technology

which allows the colour of the water or the swimming pool to change, creating in that way a different and unique ambience to give personality to your swimming area.

In conclusion, to enjoy a swimming pool in your house is not an unachievable or difficult thing, you only need the space for it. Come on, now is the moment to start checking for your new swimming pool for the next season 👈.