Pool professionals meet every 2 years at different fairs and events in the sector seeking to professionalize their work and find better opportunities.

Swimming pool professionals meet every year at trade industry fairs. Piscina & Wellness, Barcelona, and Tecnova Piscinas, Madrid, confirm the increase of demand within the industry.

When we visited Piscina & Wellness (celebrated recently), and soon our visit to Tecnova Piscinas (22-25 February), a huge increase on the sale of swimming pools is predicted.

Our stand in Barcelona was visited by more people than ever before interested in becoming our distributors. The impact of the positioning of our brand on the client, our school of technicians and the conditions and finishings of our swimming pools, have become an important key point for the professionals in this industry to which we thank you.

10,000 swimming pool professionals in Barcelona

What are swimming pool professionals looking for?

At the last fairs and exhibitions that we visited we noticed an increase of demand by professionals that have decided to work with leading companies of the sector that fit better with their work. In Freedom Pools, in this sense, we have been working for some time now on focussing our efforts on distributors, offering some advantages on the services we offer such as:

  • We are present at the first installation (for new distributors)
  • Excellent conditions
  • Exclusive areas of distribution in Spain and Europe
  • Technician schools based on video tutorial exclusive for distributors with instructions about assembly, repairs, transport…
  • Available manuals to help with the sale process, instalment, placement of accessories, transport, etc.
  • Detail product specification and plans, as well as other valuable contents to help the distributor/fitter
  • Constant advertising campaigns

At the same time it is important to point out the importance of international presence, after seeing the data from the last show in Barcelona, visited by more than 10,000 swimming pool professionals, 50% of the visitors were international.

Our next fair is in Tecnova Piscinas (Madrid). We would love to see you there and get to know you. Come and visit us at this important event for swimming pools in which you will learn about new things, fashions and opportunities to learn more as the professionals of swimming pools that you already are.