There is no doubt that the cost of the swimming pool and its rapid installation are two of the most popular benefits. Do you need any more reasons?+

Why choose a fibreglass swimming pool?

Fibreglass swimming pools are a great choice when it comes to choosing the type of swimming pool you want for your home or even for public use.

10 characteristics for choosing a fibreglass swimming pool

There are some characteristics of this type of swimming pools that make them the perfect choice in almost any case, and so, without further preamble, we shall tell you about them.

1. Easy to install without the need for major work

Our swimming pools can be installed in just 3 days, the work being very simple due to it being just the one piece. Its installation involves using fewer construction materials without so much mess and with less noise.

2. Fully watertight

These are swimming pools with one-piece baths, which makes it impossible for there to be cracks through which the water can escape.

3. Great resistance

The physical-mechanical properties of these swimming pools make them resistant to sudden temperature changes and seismic movements. The 7mm-diameter supports throughout the shell give it greater solidity.

4. Maintenance savings

Easy maintenance thanks to its anti-adherent surfaces with the resulting saving in chemical products, respecting the environment.

5. Can be relocated

Being a compact structure, another location can be chosen and so, with the corresponding precautions, it can be relocated to a different site.

6. Resistant and durable material

We work with top-quality materials and processes that make our swimming pools highly resistant to use and the passage of time.

7. Repairs are simpler and less expensive

Any repairs are easy to carry out, in fact many small repairs that may be required can be done by the users; all that is required are some simple instructions and the materials, which we will provide, and, in many cases, materials that can be found in any specialist store.

8. Work licence

Depending on the country, the work licence for the installation of this type of swimming pool is generally easier to obtain, being work that does involve complications and lasting just a few days.

9. Guarantee

The structural guarantee for our swimming pools is 35 years, a guarantee we can justify because we know that our swimming pools are manufactured to the highest standards on the market.

10. Variety of models

We have a wide range of models and colours that can be adapted to different needs, tastes and spaces. All you need to do is choose the shape and finish and, before long, you will be enjoying the swimming pool you have always wanted.

These are just 10 characteristics, but we could elaborate much further because the truth is that, with Freedom Pools Swimming Pools, everything is a benefit.

As you can tell, «you have plenty of reasons» for choosing a fibreglass swimming pool from our wide range. If you like, you could contact us, and we will tell you which is the nearest distributor to you in your area so that they can advise and guide you through the process of choosing your swimming pool.