Once again it is summertime and, once again, we can enjoy our home and garden swimming pools. Would you like to swim with us? Today we will take a look at some of these pools.
Today we’ll present some of these home and garden swimming pools that our clients enjoy. Pools of different sizes and finishes that blend in with the outside of every house or garden.



Swimming pools for home and garden

These are the most-sold models for outside areas with no many metres. A 6.00m x 3.40m rectangular pool (approximate dimensions) that come with the option to add Counter-current Swimming, Climatization, Net & Clean, it comes prepared with these options.  Furthermore, our swimming pools include an entry step on one side and two chairs to rest in the corners in order to enjoy this swimming pool all around.


Swimming pools for home and garden

A classic swimming pool with a lot of details and a maximum depth of 1.80m.  It is perfect for medium-sized spaces because of its dimensions which are 9.35m x 4.20m (approximate dimensions).  It comes with integrated hydromassage lounge-style chair and a removable table, and as per the previous example, it is also prepared with the same optional elements.

PRESIDENT SWIMMING POOL for home and garden

Swimming pools for home and garden

Although it doesn’t seem like it, this swimming pool takes up only a little more room that the previous pool (Majestic) with 9.50m x 4.25x (approximate dimensions).  A fibre swimming pool model with extra care taken in every detail.  Lateral steps, chairs in the corners… and prepared for Counter-current swimming, Climatization, Kit 8 Jets, Blower Kit and Net & Clean.  Hence, it can be enjoyed in winter too

General features of our swimming pools for home and garden

  • All of our fibre swimming pool coping comes in a decorative coating with high quality ISONPG Cray Valley GEL COAT applied using the exclusive technology Marble Tech® standard colours.
  • Fibre swimming pools from Freedom Pools include vynilester resin chemical protection barrier, isophtalic resin structural layer and type E glass fibre, along with reinforced lengths and sides integrated in the coping.
  • White laminated exterior paint protection.
  • Anti-slip floor and steps.
  • Integrated crown in the coping, anti-slip suitable to place artificial stone o other type of lining, with the possibility to choose the crown in a different colour to the rest of the mould reducing costs and time.

The final result of all of this are home and garden swimming pools with a quality which is more than 100 times valued by the sector and with 35 years of structural guarantee.