Pools and climate change. Learn how climate change affects swimming pools.

We have been talking about swimming pools and climate change for years, but it seems that the consequences have become more visible over the last year, and we are therefore facing real consequences. But, how does this affect swimming pools?

The consequences of climate change are becoming more and more visible, and we have to act accordingly and do everything possible to prevent the very serious consequences that are to come. One of these consequences is the sudden change in temperatures in an area over just a few hours.

It is quite possible to go from 35 to 14 degrees in a matter of hours and, generally speaking, this is not good for any type of construction. Rapid changes in temperature cause cracks and breaks in many installations, including swimming pools, although we have good news; this does not happen with our fibreglass pools 😃.

Swimming pools and climate change. What impact will this have?

Climate change is a consequence of hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters although we are going to pause to consider 2 of these catastrophes: earthquakes and drastic temperature changes.

Earthquakes: earthquakes, however small they may be, are one of the main causes of fissures and cracks in swimming pools, especially tiled gresite pools. This also happens with fibreglass pools that do not have the quality certificates that Freedom fibreglass pools have. Our pools are manufactured and tested to withstand earthquakes or tremors thanks to the high-performance resins that our pools are made from.

Drastic temperature changes: You will surely have noticed significant, and, above all, very sudden, temperatures that occur in just a few hours. We usually say that the weather is crazy, but the truth is that this is another of the consequences of climate change.

Swimming pools and climate change, and the resulting sudden changes in both air and ground temperatures have a serious impact on both the water in the pool and the walls of the same. These temperature changes can cause cracks and fissures in all types of pool, provided that the pool has not been built with the qualities of our pools. The fact is that our pools have won more than 100 awards across the globe for their quality. 

Epoxy resins are deemed to be high performance resins due to their excellent physical-chemical properties: waterproof, chemical protection, resistant to drastic temperature changes and seismic movements. Our pools have 5 layers of resin and protection, making them the most watertight and safe in the world. Learn more about the construction and quality of our fibreglass pools here.

Now you have more information about the quality and safety of our swimming pools, all we have to do now is to improve our habits and help the environment as much as possible to reduce irreversible climate change.

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