Protecting your pool in winter is easy as long as you take into account the different systems on the market to do so. Today, we are talking about Autocover.

Our system implemented in autocover pools manage to protect the pool in the winter thanks to the integration of a space for housing an automatic slat cover in the shell of the pool itself. This system helps to prevent dirt getting in the pool and maintains the temperature of the water, preventing it from evaporating.

Protecting your pool during the water is an essential task, given that, by doing so, when summer comes around, your pool will be well maintained so that you will be able to enjoy it when you need it most.

Protecting your pool in the winter with Freedom Pools

At Freedom Pools we design systems and formulae that make your pool a safer and cleaner place. Many of our fibreglass pool models are also available as autocover models, which makes it much easier to cover the pool during the months when it is not in use, thus saving on cleaning, water (because it does not evaporate) and safety, by preventing someone falling in the pool from sinking.

Protected pool in winter

Aspects to bear in mind for protecting your pool

Below, we list 3 essential aspects for protecting your pool during the winter:

  • Our pools have the perfect space to install a cover and its motor, if automated, and you should therefore get these necessary components to enjoy your pool and its protection system.
  • The integrated spaces or drawers for the pool covers are already prepared for wiring and any type of integration so you will not have to make any kind of adjustment to adapt the slats and the motor.
  • Cleaning the cover is simple since, once collected, or as you collect it, you can clean each slat as you remove it when the bathing season comes around.

There is no doubt that our autocover system is convenient and very practical when it comes to protecting your pool in the winter. You can check out our models on our website or talk to any of our distributors for further details before buying your new pool.

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