Any effort to save energy at this time is important, which is why we want to tell you how to save energy in your pool.

Climate change is causing major changes on the planet. An increasingly aggressive climate, desertification, melting ice, extinction of species, and we could go on with a long list of problems that are already with us or still yet to come.

From our position as manufacturers of fibreglass pools, we are obliged to control our processes to prevent the deterioration of our system, but also as a consumer, we can take measures that help to curb climate change.

In addition, given the current situation in which we are living, not only is it essential to save water, but also energy, and so we are going to look at how we can save energy in your pool.

What can be done to save energy in your pool?

Energy has become a vulnerable resource and we are therefore being asked to save energy from all quarters. It is also possible to save energy in your pool. But how?


At the moment, the most beneficial measure you can take is to install a cover to protect the pool during the season when it is not in use, and when it comes to buying a new pool, get one with a system that facilitates the installation of slats or a protection system to cover it, such as our Autocover models.

By keeping the pool protected, you avoid having to manage its maintenance and mechanical cleaning and will, therefore, have managed to save energy in your pool.

Turning off your pool lights, if you have them, is another gesture that supports the fight against climate change.

The Freedom Pools team also want to do our bit to curb the consequences of climate change as much as possible as well as addressing the current energy situation in Europe that we are all well aware of.


We are, indeed, adopting measures in our factory that help to minimise the effects of climate change as well as save energy by providing our production system with best practice and energy-saving protocols.

Other benefits for your pool

How to save energy in your pool Covering your pool during the time when you are not going to use it brings other savings benefits such as:


  1. Savings in cleaning and maintenance products.
  2. Savings in water, the fact that the water does not evaporate means that you will not have to refill it, bringing further savings.
  3. Saving time because you will not have to worry about the pool until the bathing season.