Feel the Freedom

Freedom Pools is an australian brand specialized in design and manufacture of fiberglass pools and spas with recognized prestige in the World


For the last 40 years, Freedom Pools is the leader in the fiberglass pools industry, due to the constant innovation of our manufacturing procedures when producing our polyester pools.


We manufacture our pools under the Australian standards, which ensures complete reliability on the structure of the pool. Only Freedom Pools offers 35 years of guarantee on the shell.



Over the years our high standards of quality and design have been recognised internationally.

But our main focus is on achieving total satisfaction for our customers. Ask your Pool Consultant for copies of the many testimonial letters we have already received from our valued customers and you will begin to see why Freedom Pools and Spas is Australia’s and Europe’s most popular choice.

Freedom Pools in the World

Freedom’s reputation for quality and innovative design has spread far and wide.
Freedom Pools are now the number one choice for several overseas countries. Our Factory in Spain is supplying the markets in: Europe, Middle East and North Africa. In fact, Freedom are now Australia’s largest exporter of fibreglass pools.


A watertight case for choosing a Freedom Pools.

1Quick as a splash

Your fibreglass pool can be installed in as little as 2 days, after council approval.

2The big finish

An impervious pigmented surface finish called “gelcoat” is applied during manufacture. So you needn’t spend time and money on tiling, etc.

3Maintenance free

Under normal conditions, the “gelcoat” finish never
needs painting. It cleans easily and resists stains.

4Smooth and safe

Unlike some other materials, a fibreglass pool is not abrasive and there are no sharp edges. Just smooth seating areas.

5Flexing it’s muscle

The high tensile strength of fibreglass lets the pool shell flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement.

6Add a little salt

Salt water pools are becoming increasingly popular for their healthy, natural feel. Salt water is totally compatible to fibreglass.

7You get what you see

The pool style you select in the display centre or brochure is exactly what you get at home. No hit or miss guesswork as the pool shell arrives on site pre-formed and complete.

8Looking good

Fibreglass pools come in a fantastic range of colors,
shapes, sizes and designs; a few of which are in these pages.

9Warmer water

Fibreglass is an insulator so the water is insulated
from the cold ground soils.


Choose a MarbleTechTM finish, exclusive to Freedom, in
a range of eye catching decorator colors.