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There are many reasons for choosing a fibreglass swimming pool.
At Freedom Pools, we know that it is a decision that requires careful thought and so we want to give you the information required so you do not make the wrong decision.

If you are a professional, you can find in our company the reasons required to start working with us, and if you are a final user, our OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR IN YOUR AREA can provide you with the information you need about your swimming pool.

Freedom Pools is an Australian brand of renowned prestige in the sector worldwide, with almost 50 years’ experience, winner of international awards for our design and manufacture of FIBREGLASS swimming pools.

At our Spanish factory, we are engaged in manufacturing and sending to Europe the swimming pools that are enjoyed in more and more places each year. Do you want to find out why?

 15 reasons for choosing our fibreglass swimming pools

Those already enjoying one of our swimming pools fully understand their benefits, among which durability and versatility, when it comes to finishes, stand out, as many or more than concrete swimming pools, but without costly and interminable work. But here are some other reasons for choosing us:

  1. Fully watertight and safe  Company
  2. All walkable areas (bottom, steps and border) are non slip
  3. 35-year structural guarantee
  4. Epoxy based vinyl ester resin that is impervious to water. Greater protection
  5. Marble Tech Gel Coat protects against chemical agents and U.V. rays (patented)
  6. Marble Tech™Eco pure™, which prevents algae growth
  7. Marble Tech™Eco pure™, which reduces 99% of common bacteria*
  8. Easy to clean thanks to its rounded corners
  9. Easy installation, transport and cleaning
  10. Resistant to drastic temperature changes and seismic movements
  11. Multiple models perfect for inside and outdoors
  12. Close-beam construction enables edge to be integrated into the shell
  13. Excellent after-sales service
  14. Distributor support, training and problem-solving
  15. Worldwide distribution

    * In conjunction with proper water maintenance.