Would you like to find out more about our 4×2 fibreglass or polyester pools for penthouses and gardens? If so, this article will be of interest.

Summers are getting hotter and hotter and heatwaves force us to stay indoors. How often have you thought about how fantastic it would be to have your own pool?

If you want a pool at home but you do not have a garden, or it is very small, our 4×2 polyester mini pools can easily be installed in penthouses, terraces and small gardens.

4×2 fibreglass or polyester pools within everyone’s reach.

Our small pools have been specifically designed for enjoying a dip in the city. The prefabricated shell can easily be installed on any surface without building work or debris.

You can choose the size that best suits the space you have available from our wide catalogue of prefabricated models. Do not go without a pool, enjoy a refreshing dip, swim or do aquatic exercises in a 4×2 polyester pool.

Entertainer 4 Rectangular Pool, the baby of the family.

If your garden is not very big, you can always find space for a 4 x 2.5 metre polyester mini pool, such as the baby of our family, the Entertainer 4 Rectangular Pool.

A small pool, but spacious enough for the whole family to enjoy and cool off in the summer.

Make the most of the useful space you have and enjoy a refreshing dip in your penthouse, terrace or small garden with 4×2 fibreglass or polyester pools like the Entertainer 4.

Would you like to install a 4×2 polyester pool but do not have much space?

Our prefabricated polyester has an on-trend, comfortable and modern design that perfectly matches what you are looking for.

The Entertainer 4 has three steps that go all the way to the bottom of the pool. Its maximum depth of only 1.20 metres allows children and adults that do not know how to swim to stand on the entire surface, safe in the knowledge that they can keep their head above water.

El modelo Entertainer 4 dispone de tres escalones que llegan hasta el fondo del vaso. Su profundidad máxima de sólo 1.20 metros permite que niños y mayores que no saben nadar puedan hacer pie en toda la superficie, con la seguridad de mantener la cabeza fuera del agua.

4x2 fibreglass or polyester pools

Piscina pequeña Entertainer 4

A pool with a flat bottom that hides a surprise.

This original model has a bench that makes a corner along the length and width of two of its sides, providing you with the ideal space to rest or cool off without having to submerge yourself completely.

This bench is at the perfect depth for children to play without having to venture into the deep end.

Enjoy bathing in complete safety.

The pool floor, steps and bench of this small pool are made of non-slip materials, thus preventing unwanted slips and falls.

4×2 fibreglass or polyester pools, the perfect mini pool for town or city dwellers.

With an elegant, comfortable and functional shape, a 4×2 fibreglass or polyester pool is the perfect option for small spaces in the city.

Imagine yourself in your penthouse or terrace pool with a cool drink on those hot summer nights. Forget about taking the car to go to the municipal pool. Realise your dream of enjoying your own family pool in your own home at any time.

Our pools are fully customisable

4×2 fibreglass or polyester pools are manufactured in one piece. They include a border on the edge of the pool shell made from non-slip materials and suitable for adding artificial stone or the coating of your choice.

Combine the colours of the pool bottom with the predominant colour of your terrace, garden or penthouse.

You have a world of possibilities at your disposal for customising 4×2 fibreglass or polyester pools.

All the pools in our catalogue have a 35-year guarantee. The cutting-edge technology used in their manufacture means that our polyester pools are very durable and easy to maintain.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of fibreglass or polyester mini pools, we invite you to read this article.